composition 8 (c) Peter Kenny

god #23

god swallowed a star

and juggled
twelve shimmering moons

perfect angels
painted the pink sky
and winged messengers
breathed blue
into the oceans

am a stone

yet unturned

god #41

the pink sky
betrays the faithless
and i can't convince the drunkard
that catharsis and cigarettes
won't cure a black heart

but then again
i didn't get it until i got it
and you couldn't give it to me
when i didn't want it

but i do remember
that the moon was blue
and when god winked
i got a free ride

god #66

i took a walk today
and found a tarnished penny
it was tails up
but i picked it up anyway
because luck is what you make it

i walked a little farther
and found a drunken girl
tails up
i picked her up too
because charity frees the soul

on the way home
with my penny in my pocket
and my drunken girl slung over my shoulder
we came upon god
tails up

we kept going though
because god
was already dead

lost #3

i've wandered too far
from where i am
i put the pink sky in my pocket
before i left
because god is elusive

and now
when i need it most
my pockets and my soul
are both empty

it seems
that every time i turn around
another piece is missing

i never even noticed
the scarecrow
that stole my straw heart

© 2001 Mark Pashia

Mark Pashia

My name is Mark Pashia and I write mostly to stay one step ahead of the darkness.