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For Sonny

I watched my father die
And it was gentle;
A simple cessation of breath
After so much suffering.
I grieve for my loss
But not for him.
He is in some celestial poolhall
In eternal Brooklyn
With a full head of hair
And a sharp suit.
Later he will grab a cab
To Manhattan to see Sinatra
And dance at the Copa.
Dawn will find him
On a bridge
Tossing coins into the mythical Hudson.
One for Jack, to keep him safe;
One for Kate, "Be content baby";
And one for Matthew, "Stay warm."
Then he lifts off for Japan
After the war.
The sun glints off guardian wings.

(c) 2001 M.J. Tenerelli

M.J. Tenerelli

AnotherSun regular, with a poem for her late father.