lissa #3

the aimless wandering
had to stop
i needed to sit still
if i ever wanted to plant pink roses
in the poppy fields
too much time spent
painting blue skies black
and recoiling
from sun shined eyes
makes hidden dreams
hard to find
it's a good thing
god sent a search party
and green eyed angels
are difficult to elude
for blind men
cloaked in darkness
unexpected gifts
are hard to take
even from a granite girl
who tastes of sweet vanilla

god #22

it's tuesday
god painted the sky pink
and that
was enough to get me by

perfect #2

she is so beautiful
with her pale skin
and pouty lips
tangled hair
and bartered hips

she has darkness on the inside

she's perfect

she has all
the right things

poppy #2

amber heaven
from the devil's blossom

the river flows
from fields of flowers
for forever

so beautiful
how god painted the petals

(c) 2002 Mark Pashia

Mark Pashia
God is dragging me along and the devil is nipping at my heels. Life is beautiful when I stop to take a look.