Sagittarius A* & Companion Star        

A light year is a unit used by astronomers
to describe the distance to and between stars.
It is the distance traveled by a pulse of light.
One light year is equivalant to about 5.88
trillion miles, which is 9.46 trillion kilometers.

25,000 light years from here
a black hole spirals
more massive than 2 million suns
that's theoretical, of course.
Detected indirectly
by movement, the pull
of radiated cast offs
Built upon eons
to become this gobbler
from which nothing escapes,
not even light
I like its small companion
star: how loyalty matters
even in space.

Stardust Theory
We wear murdered stars
on our fingers, in our ears
and noses: extraterrestrial
carbon creates diamonds.
The stones we give
to pledge our love
were once galactic,
the celestial orphans.
A billion year old
dance of veils crashed
to earth: nothing more
  than burned out light.

Rapid Differential Rotation
It isn't any accident
the way they billow
color into Hubble's eyes
more complexly beautiful
than cut diamonds
How they reveal
a structured-bubbled gas
stellar dust that blows
The stars
pull in their arms
to twirl like ballerinas

Spatial Delights
Jupiter has moons
seventeen to be exact
through blue clouds
Moons, telescopic imaged
darkly-cratered spectacles
as purple as Venus
with pancaked volcanoes
Imaged on the Hubble lens
sailed against black satin
while stars revolve in red
  we pray for rain

(c) Dorothy Doyle Mienko 2001
Dorothy Doyle Mienko

"This is my bio:
No past
no future
open mind
open heart
complete attention
no reservations
That's all."