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Each alone
has extended the forefinger
towards sky
after standing on
respective time index.
Now I'll start my play.
In a thin packet
ancient wavelets,
much smaller yes-no language
and I'm moving my
machinefinger while showing
ether-magic with your lives

Would I have to stop?


Heads trying to lean
over the shoulder
indicates ebony-interval.
The midnight.
A cigar in her
yellow lips is bracing me
on the sleeping street
below an egglight
and the architect fogs
are building perfect
shivering dermato
I can clearly see with
the transition phase light
that a nickname is
within the full pitch
while welcoming me.

(C) 2002 Abhijit Mitra

Abhijit Mitra

Is 27, and a research scholar at the Electronics and Electrical Communication
Engineering Department in the Indian Institute of Technology, at Kharagpur.