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Vickie Mcgee

"I am a lover of words and a born again lover of
life.I have four children and hope some day soon to be an accomplished world
famous author and poet..."
my mother
Made a pillow of my mother. I buried my head in her softness
and nestled my face in her cool side. As I laughed,as I cried
she absorbed the pain,the fear, and the joy.
Made a bed a my mother. I twisted and turned and ruffled up her covers that
were intended to keep me warm. I slept snug and
sound in her love.
Made a home of my mother. I walked through her doors and
shook off the cold outside. I looked out of her windows at passing
strangers,while safely inside. I sat in front of her heart's fireplace with
her soul's blanket wrapped around my shoulders.
Made a world of my mother. She is my universe. I hold up hands  to her
sky,twirling in her laughter's rain and catching it in buckets, dancing and
splashing in her puddles. I run in her fields,smelling her flowers,and
capturing her creatures in the hollow of my hands.
Made a life of my mother