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Dear Editor

I pass along to you a few pieces from my soul
Rather rare and bloodied sometimes
Truly the best I can do in circumstances such as these.
Will you please?
Be gentle with them
And only crush them into your criticisms
After you have digested enough coffee to
Awaken only the sweetest parts of your nature?
In the matter RE: 
Consideration of submissions,
Oh editor,
I promise to accept that my experiences as a poet
Pale in comparison to those
Far beyond my achievements
And your well-seasoned wisdoms
Which I know
You will probably kindly offer to me
Within the vocabulary of a generically written forme letter
That will be sent in not less than a specific (really long) given time
That you feel I so deserve.
Thank you for your time and consideration;
Please do enjoy your day.
Never less than
My Best to you,

(c) Aaron LaFlora 2002

Aaron La Flora

Says of this poem: "I write it in dedication
to all of us writers who have ever been rejected, and if these editors only
knew how we feel..."