Vitamin C

A gait worn in time
Slightly methodical
Predictable and crestfallen,
I suspend my own thoughts heavily
Cigarette smoke crafting obscurity
Amongst the myriad of faceless voices smothering this neighbourhood tavern
Your assertions spit out such fury
Curse the sun yet
Welcome the bleakness you
Seem to thrive upon
Tomorrow's daily dose of vitamin C swallowed
Each morning
With your shattered glass of orange juice
You will begin your day
Rarely glimpsing beyond
This hurried most insignificant lime of life.
I listen in silence although
My deafness seems to anger you for
this virus cannot be shared between us.
It only absorbs into my skin
Penetrating bone and veins of blood
Where knives of revenge and spite attempt
Me into the rotting root of your pain
Twisting my body into your hatred.
Daring me to load your gun dead aim;
After all, you'll feel better for it
And you smile through mirrored eyes.
Well knowing
It is beyond my capabilities to comprehend this ugly hatred
Of daily drama that seems to become you.
And the worst fear lurking inside of my own naivety of caring?
Someday you will teach me the same.

(c) Aaron La Flora 2003
Aaron La Flora
Is the svengali behind
and enjoys biking into off into the breezy orange-redded sunset of winding roads