Prom nite

                    today's junk is jeweled
                        over and under
                     and the past lies with yesterday
                        warm and brandied.
                     Smile-filled treasures
                         opened sparkling
                     and glowing in drunkeness
                         are diamond hard now,
                     cold-sobered alone.

                              (c) Linda Etheridge 2001
Linda Etheridge
(not pictured above) was born in Manhattan and grew up in the Connecticut area, At this point in her life (late 40s), she is working on a chapbook of her poems, and other writing.

This untitled poem dates from her school days. She says "it had to do with the circumstances of (growing up) in the late sixties, and one of the men I was involved with. He enthralled me, but we never quite made it together. I felt alone."