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The world is heavy
Like a desert sunset
At the end
Of a blistering day
When the sun
Has fallen on the earth
With shameless lust
And heat
Feasts on the flesh
Of all living.

The world is light
Like a jungle sunrise:
Countless, awakening vapors
Setting free
Tropical birds, fragile
Lotus perfume -
The delicate, delectable kisses
Of lotus blossoms.

I am
As the world is:
Two yet one.

When my dark
Face turns away
From my light
When my light
Turns away
From my dark
I am dangerous
Death's companion

When my two
Faces interface
The highter self
And lower self
Meet, nakedly, fearlessly, and embrace
I am harmony.

I am peace.

Like two
Reciprocal bowls
Catching and pouring reality:
Beginning... endlessly.

But where
In motion and vast illusion
Is truth?  Wait!
I will tell you.

Between this
And that
Is all I am.

I am like the world.

We are tattooed
With one another's


Sometimes I willl rock you
like a safe boat
on the hot and breathing sea.
Sometimes you will be
my ocean
and we will roll together
into the depths
and heights of ecstasy.
there will be
rumbling mountains
and mountain thunders
and the wind of the desert
around the oasis
of your love parts
and the roar of the lion
of heart's old legend,
whose shadow is
prowling hunger,
over the moonlight
and across the campfires
of the hot and breathing night.
I will be all
to the all of you
and you to the all of me
and we will dissolve
together--melt, tender,
sweetly--to more perfectly be.
Sometimes--ohhh, Heba! *
we will count as two
and sometimes only one
the mystery
hushed and
very full
like the heavy
gardenof a silent
Egyptian moon.
Like the first night
under the date palms
--look, woman! stars
and God-swept trees--
of Eden.

* Arabic, a woman's name, meaning "gift'.

(c) David Sparenberg 2002

David Sparenberg
writes plays, poetry and short stories, has appeared in over 100 print periodicals and journals in six countries.